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ART HL, Is it the creativity or is it the skills?

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Hello, I'm a MYP5 student and is going to be soon DP1 this September.

This week I justed handed in the subjects that I would like to study next year and one of the subject that I have chosen is ART HL.

Now, I have never thought that I will choose this subject. I never have thought I'm going to be doing art in HL.

The reason I have chose visual art HL is because I want to study GRAPHIC DESIGNING in uni.

Personally I do not think I have perfect  drawing, I'm more like a photography person however I'm in the level where I get "7" every year in the years of MYP till now.

Next year I heard that in art HL, I have to complete 4 sketch books and 16-18 projects.

The main question is HOW HARD IS ART HL?

The only thing I'm worried about is failing the subject.

If you have any experience or any advice PLEASE GIVE ME A HAND!!!

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Do you know if that system of 4 sketchbooks and 16-18 projects is one that will be introduced when you begin? Because I'm currently in Art HL on a new curriculum, and I have NEVER heard of that, and unless the IBO already now knows that what they're dragging us through is ****, I think it's bs. IBO relatively accept that creativity is not something you can control, and some days you can do it and some days you just can't. 

As a higher level student, I have to submit 18-25 pages from my work book, a comparative study (basically an IA in Art), and 8-11 works in an exhibition. What you've been told makes no sense to me - also because "sketch books" is a super wide term, and "projects" can be everything from something you can do in one lesson and something that might take half a year - and then you are only allowed to submit half of your works in the end (even the IBO isn't that insane). Unless an actual art teacher told you this, I would forget it 100%.

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