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I am planning to do my extended essay on the following two books

-The great gatsby

-tender is the night

Both books were written by F Scott Fitzgerald and portrayed the failure of the American Dream, I realized that it also revealed the author's own life. Can I discuss how the author used the two books to reveal his own opinion towards the American Dream by the development of the characters in both books? I also figured that both book wrote about how American Dream failed and it can be quiet obvious, is this really a good topic to do my Ee on?

I need help and advice, thanks!

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I'd really recommend that you choose different texts. F. Scott Fitzgerald is a very well known author, and so you're likely to be repeating analysis already published extensively. Also, the examiner is likely to be very familiar with the texts and hence will be able to pick up on any minor flaws in your analysis/expression.

In the EE forum of this site there's a great post on writing an A1 Extended Essay, although you're doing English B, there are some relatively new, less written-on authors mentioned. I'd recommend that you refer to that. 

Also, to minimise the amount of reading you have to do you could look at doing short stories or something? :) just a suggestion

Good luck!

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