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Math hl, Chem hl, phy sl vs phy hl

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Hello everyone,

I have turned in my subjects for IB after the summer, nearly finished MYP courses. So I have Math hl, Chem hl, fluent native lang b hl, phy sl, econ sl and eng. A Sl (trust me english isnt my mother tongue but it will probably be easier to score a higher grade in it than my native lang. As an A because I havent been doing by native language as a literature and language class since 7th grade)

Math and Chem are subjects I love and enjoy and also mostly don't feel overwhelmed when studying them. I have been averaging 7s in these subjects throughout MYP but understand that DP is a lot harder than MYP. Math especially, I feel like I need a challenge cause I sometimes walk into exams with little study and nail them...but maybe MYP is just easy. Chem is my favourite science because I enjoy learning it even on my free time and studying it (we got a chem teacher who has taught GCSE her whole life and is an awful IB  teacher do even at Grade 10 (MYP5 Level) I learned to teach myself. Sadly, we will have her next year for IB, So more self-studying I guess.....this is now my major concern....I look at the seniors now doing chem hl, and they are in endless pain and constantly in a skirmish with the Chem teacher. 

With Math hl and Chem hl, Is this a tough duo? Is it managable? How much time do you estimate I would have to devote to each? How can I prepare during the summer for them?

Sadly I will have to do even more work with our horrible chem teacher, who cnt even teach the current seniors at hl, the option topics properly....even we are complaining and we are not even in IB. So would it be a Good choice to do Phy at sl or hl? I am ok at physics and was getting 5s and 6s last year but I have improved and I now getting 7s regularly in Grade 10. Physics isnt natural to me like maths or even chem as I have to study in order to get a 6,7 or 8 in those physics criteria tests. Thats why I chose physics sl, but is it true that there isn't much difference from phy sl and hl, Are they similar? Would it be smart to try it at hl and is I cant handle it, to drop it? How hard is the math hl, chem hl and phy hl combo? Would math hl and phy hl with chem sl perphaps be a better combo or is the math hl, chem hl and phy sl combo that I submitted ok? 

With my native b hl, I chose it as it is a easy 7 snd would give me room to focus on the science hl and math hl....Which science do you think is nore valuable for later chem hl or phy hl? Would I be wasting time by doing phy sl or is it challenging? 

please help guys, I would appreciate advice especially from alumni. 


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First of all, I'd like to "assure" you that Math HL is difficult enough course and regarding to several of your other forum posts, you should only consider Further Math after you have spent a few weeks at regular HL. I came from a similar position in that I was not ever challenged in math before IB.

Assuming 100% focused during work time, you should spend on each HL Math and HL Chem 1.5 to 2 hours a day. Occasionally more if there's topics quite new (and there will be). For the first few months you might not need to work at this rate but definitely you need to in year II. Totally optional, you can try read ahead or watch some videos.

IB Physics is not calculus-based, but it covers a very broad range of topics. The difference between SL and HL is smaller in physics than in chemistry or math. Both HL physics and HL chemistry give very good in depth exploration of fundamentals but HL physics perhaps will go into topics seldom discussed in many university intro courses, but are nevertheless very interesting and important.
If you are not confident in your chem teacher's ability than perhaps SL chemistry may be a better option to SL physics. But you have to understand the difference with angry at the teacher and frustrated with the course. Even with my school's very qualified teachers we still agree that HL Chemistry is quite challenging.

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