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My IA topic is how Elizabeth I's image change throughout the years?
and I'll be analysing various portraits of her painted in different periods of her life..
and also relate it to events in her life

and perhaps as a touch on .. compare her to some other queen like queen victoria .. or even elizabeth II ..

so.. what dyu think? any suggestions? anything?


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The events in her life and the portraits would be more than enough for your summary of evidence. Since there are many events in her life, there is much to relate too. Maybe it would be advisable to narrow it down to a certain kind of events if you find a lot of facts and can't fit it all within the word limit.

Otherwise, I find it an interesting topic, and I am keen to see the finished product (after you have handed it in and it has been sent ofc <_< ).

I'd love to see how big of an apendix you will have :dash:

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