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World Lit: Paradise of the Blind, Ivan Denisovich and Chronicle of a Death Foretold

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For my world lit books i am studying

-One day in the life of Ivan Denisovich
-Paradise of the Blind
-Chronicle of a death Foretold

If any one is doing these then do you have:

-Any topic suggestions or ideas?
-Any thoughts on how to approach these books?

Also what is the difference between WL1 and WL2... i should know this but i've forgotten.

Thanx a million


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just lok for literary devices that the books have in common. when i wrote my WL1 i though about which books i wanted to use and then i sat down and looked for the similarities in the books and then choose the idea that i thogh would make the best paper (that no one else was using.) i used Chonicle of a Death Fortold and The Twlight Years, and mine was on death reference and how they realted to the temes of the novel, i think (i wrote it a couple of years ago.)

WL1 is a comparison paper where is 2 is a bit more "lax" in what it is looking for. ther are a lot more options. i believe that it rtells you in the IB bible the options for WL 2, but you would have to look that up.

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Well, of those i did my WL one ivan denisovich. I tried not to focus on the story itself because that becomes too generic, but rather right about one or two of the literary devices and how they tie into the overall theme or idea that solzenistyn was trying to achieve. [email protected] gives you options and i believe it includes like analysis of a specific portion of the text as and it also allows you to continue the story on from where it ended(i think).

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