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Computer Science EE on Biometrics and security Help

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Hello, I am doing my ee on computer science and the topic and my Research question are as follows:

Topic: Biometrics and security

RQ:  Effectiveness of biometrics compared to other modern computer security methods.

In the research, I am basically trying to investigate on 3 biometric methods compared to other common methods such as passwords,patterns.etc.I have a concern while doing an ee research on this. So far according to the sources, I think that if I only compare the methods of biometrics used won't be effective and require the coding or algorithm of the biometric authentication to verify the users. Please, can anyone guide me on how to go about this. 

I also wasn't able to find any good source code or SDK for fingerprint biometric system. (This is to compare the effectiveness of the algorithm and what flaw they have. )



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