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Econ Paper 1: Do/Should I put any context in my answer?

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Hey guys,

So, I've been studying for the Economics Exams and also been reading a book called "Economics: The User's Guide" by Ha-Joon Chang. There are a lot of things that are covered in the syllabus as well as some useful contextual information like working hours and levels of inequality in different countries. I'm wondering if it will be useful if I put down these data in my answers for paper 1 (and possibly paper 2) if they are relevant to the questions. The mark schemes, as my teacher says, are at times overly simple and don't include any understanding of the contexts. Thanks!

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Of course you can put real life examples in the Economics Paper 1 (best for paper 1 because for paper 2, you will want to re-address the passage itself, keep it short though), I had done a question on Aids vs Trade, and in the mark scheme, if I have listed something related to the topic like foreign direct investment and different examples of aids in the past history, it will help my marks really well. Economics Paper 1 is flexible, so you can answer anything you want as long it is on topic and concise, so the mark schemes will be overly-simple but it is reasonable. 

I have never read Ha-Joon Cheng's book though, how is it good? 

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