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Any help with information on EE

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I'm currently investigating my extended essay in english category 3, I'm investigating How nazi anti semitic cartoons or posters influenced the german people. I'm researching the basic elements of propaganda posters and also finding common motifs in the posters to analyse for the extended essay. Would any of you suggest any websites for research or improvements in the question. 

Currently i've chosen the motifs of portrayal of jews as parasites and portrayal of jews as ugly and greedy. I need to know how this works. Analysis. 

Help would be greatly appreciated and also your experiences with the category 3 and how you approached it. 


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Your best bet is going to be to find the EE guide on the subject and read what it has to say. Or find some example EEs and go from there if learning by example is your thing. 


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I am also doing an EE in category 3 English, and found the EE guide provided from IB very helpful, it explained exactly what they want from you. 


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