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EE Question help?

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Hey guys, I need to come up with a research question urgently and so far I have 4 and I don't know which one to choose. my topic is on pearl harbor. Can you guys give me suggestions and advice on which one I should pick? thanks!

questions are :

1. To what extent was the deteriorating relationship between the USA and Japan responsible for the attack on pearl harbor?

2. To what extent did Japan's "Southern Advance"  1940 lead to the attack on pearl harbor?

3. To what extent did Franklin D. Roosevelt provoke the attack on pearl harbor?

4. To what extent did Franklin D. Roosevelt provoke the attack on pearl harbor?


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Hey there,

First off, the two last questions seem rather identical to me. You might want to add the fourth question should you want us to consider that one as well. 

As for the questions that you have written down, they all seem all right. I'm not being amazed by any of them though. I mean, it's great that you are interested in Pearl Harbour and all that, but for the two first questions, I feel there's something missing. Perhaps you can briefly explain your ambitions with the questions, and what you want to argue, as well as what the counterarguments are? As you probably know, the extended essay is supposed to be analytical, which requires you to find an academic contention in which there are some arguing for A, some for B and probably a minority arguing for C.

Now, far from being academic, but the quick research I did showed that the general line of argumentation indicates that the two aspects you mentioned were not as important as the Japanese economy and military's need for oil and some other raw materials, on which the US had put a trade embargo. Is that what the more academic literature is saying as well, or is there some contention there? Do anyone reputable and credible disagree with that assessment? If not, what are your counterarguments going to be? What will your analysis be about? You see, without these kinds of counterclaims, you won't have an analysis. 

As for the third question, much of the same applies, though that particular aspect I know too little about to comment on. Maybe someone else can comment on that one? 

Come back to us on what you have on these three questions, add the fourth question if you want, and let's continue from that :)


Good luck! 

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