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psycho HL vs SL difference?

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Is there a big difference between PSYH HL and SL? i know that hl has to write an extra paper but is there a HUGE difference? 

thanks :) 

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No, there is not!
HL has one extra paper, paper 3, as you said, which is an unseen case study where you have to answer three questions about the methodology of the study. It's not pretty bad and you have already practiced these skills when you evaluate case studies and experiments for paper 1 and 2. Also, there is one extra option in HL since SL has only one. The IA is a little bit different due to the fact that HL has to do inferential statistics (statistical tests etc) while SL has to do simpler calculations like finding the mean, standard deviation etc. Overall, i think it's worth it to take it at HL because it's super interesting and to be honest it's a lot of work for a SL subject. 

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Honestly, I think its always worth it take your humanity at HL, Psychology being a textbook example of this.
At my school, the first option, Abnormal Psychology is taught to both SL and HL students,  whilst HL students have free reign to select a second option [Therefore, what this means is that the teacher rarely engages in focused teaching of this option]. If you can manage that, which is what I think is the hardest part of Psych, you can honestly manage everything else. Paper 3 is quite evenly taught throughout the 2 years, and is fairly easy to manage. In terms of the IA, there are stricter expectations, otherwise its fairly manageable.

On the whole, HL Psychology is very interesting as has been said before, although it is more self-guided towards the mid-late parts of Year 2. 
If you really didn't need to have HL Psychology, or you must select certain 3 HLs that aren't Psychology for a course, SL is highly manageable.
In my school many students end up taking a trifecta of Maths HL, Physics HL and Chemistry HL and Psychology SL for university purposes.

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