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How important is the use of quotes for paper 2 English Lang and Lit A?

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Hello everyone,

I'd just like to ask if anybody knows how important it is to use quotes in paper 2? How does this impact the way in which IB examiners mark the paper? And do they make a massive difference?

I'm thinking they would fall under Criteria A: Knowledge and Understanding... but Criteria A talks about demonstrating an understanding how context effects the meaning of the works you have studied. So what does this exactly mean?

My English teacher told us during our mocks that we can paraphrase quotes if we cannot remember them. But is their use actually essential to gaining knowledge and understanding marks?

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It is not a mandatory thing to have quotes :P But personally, I think quotes are more time efficient compared to paraphrase. It also appeared like you have studied the texts quite better and more invested. At least it seems like that to me :P 

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I would suggest you use some quotes but not too many... only use the significant quotes from the texts you are studying to support your analysis, and yes it does make you appear like you understand the text more if you use quotes in your essay. Take some time in memorising some important quotes so you can use them in the exam. 

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