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Hi everybody, 

as we all know exams are coming up and I wanted to create a post where we could share suggestions on language A paper 1 and possibly paper 2. 

My language A teachers, unfortunately, have not been very helpful in telling the class how to structure these essay and I have a few questions. 

1) What do you guys think of the linear approach? The structure I use in a paper 1 essay is analysing every single line and writing down something both for content and form (I also write an introduction with a hint to the main message and the conclusion with the main message fully explained). The comments I got was that I introduce some ideas but I do not fully develop them. Any suggestions on a better approach? 

2)For paper 2, what I do is write an initial introduction explaining how I interpreted the question and then I analyse the idea of the question for the books I chose. I include approximately 3 ideas and analyse them in comparison to each book (for HL I choose 3 books and for SL 2). My teachers said that this technique is good and in the mock I scored 25/25 for one language, however, as I previously mentioned I do not feel that the grade is accurate. 

Some of you might say that I should trust what these teachers say, the only problem is that I am the first class the school brings to the exams so it is their first time as well. Moreover, it was me who told them things about the exams they did not know before, so I guess I developed some trust issues. 

I would really appreciate it if you could give any suggestions on how to tackle these exams and I hope some of you might find my technique useful as well. 

Comment below how you deal with the papers :)


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