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Choosing IB Subjects

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Hello, I am currently studying in an IB school, (MYP system) and I am just finishing M5 (10th grade). I have got 7/7 in all my subjects this year and so did last year. My goal is to get into an IB University playing golf. This is why my subject choice is very important as I will need free time for golf training. I don't know how many points I would need exactly to get into an Ivy League but my aim is 40 points. I am Spanish but I have always been to an English school so I consider English as my first language as well. I am very good at memorising things that is why I thought History and Biology were good choices. I'm planning to study a combined degree of  International Relations and Economics/Business/Psychology in University This is the idea I have for my subjects:


English A SL (Language and Literature) or HL (Literature) - What is the main difference between them? Is it possible to get a 7 in HL? 

Spanish A SL

History HL - How hard is it? I've heard so many different opinions. If I have a good memory would it be a good choice? How hard is it to get a 7?

Biology HL - I love Biology. I would say it's my favourite subjects and I'm not finding it challenging at all this year. What is your experience in it?

Maths SL - I was planning to do Maths HL but I think SL will be enough for what I want to study

Economics HL/Business HL/Theatre HL - I think I will probably end up choosing Economics HL but honestly, I want to choose the easiest subject I can for this group as I think I have already some hard subjects. What do you think of Economics? Would Theatre show the University I am a versatile student? What is the best option? 


Thank you so much for your help! :)


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Hey, from what I have done and what others around me have done:

If you really like english, you might want to consider taking it HL, it is not much more work than SL. The main difference between lang and lang lit is that in lang lit paper 1 is a media source. 

I would recommend against doing to A languages as it puts unnecessary pressure.

My friends doing history HL say it's easy enough if you memorize sequence of events. The same applies to bio HL. If you have a good memory as you say then those subjects should be alright

Honestly, don't do maths HL if you dont have to. it is a significant departure from SL and is a massive work load (Every night i was working on maths)

Econ HL is the same, there is a fair amount of work load and requires some memory. I would recomend you take business though because the econ papers are a bit of a pot luck-ask anyone who took the HL paper 1 this year!


Hope this helped :)

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