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EE Gandi topic help

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Hi so I have to choose my topic for my EE in a week and have been having trouble deciding what to do. Originally I wanted to do how agriculture in Russia was affected by Stalin's Five Year Plan but I felt that that was too overdone in the past and wanted an original idea. Then I thought about doing my essay about Gandhi's philosophy of nonviolence and whether they truly followed ahisma (non-violence). What I wanna know is whether or not this idea has been over done. I'm trying to get a unique point of view but not sure what to investigate. Any ideas? I want to score high on this essay.

If this topic has been used many times, then what would you recommend doing. I'm trying to stick with India and political power used over the years. Thank you!

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Perhaps you should be thinking about the subject as much as about the topic. History, I assume? You should approach history teachers and discuss this topic with them. Once you pick a subject, you would have to back away from other topics. If you are truly passionate about this topic then you shouldn't worry about it being overdone ... there would always away for you to overcome any struggles and make the essay fresh. 

To score a high mark on the EE, review the marking criteria carefully and decide how will you shape the EE to meet those guidelines. 

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