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Choosing HL and SL subjects

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My school doesn't offer IB for middle/ secondary school. So, I'm doing IGCSE right now for 10th. I have to choose my subjects now, 

Subjects I was thinking about:

HL: Economics, Maths and Physics

SL: English Language and Literature, Spanish AB, Chemistry

Right now, I do not have any specific career option in mind and I am very confused about what to do in college/ as a course.

My grades in maths (the SL of IGCSE (Extended Maths)) are around 95% and I have an interest in the subject.

Physics is around 90% and I sort of like it, not my favorite .

I have never done econs before though, I have studied business for around 3 years. The reason I chose econs is because people have told me that econs is of more value in college rather than business.

My literature grades are around 70% and Language around 80%. And I like language way more than literature

I haven't taken Spanish before. I took french for about 7 years but I am not able to cope up and my grade are around 70%.

I hate chemistry, but my parents want me to take it so that I do not close of the option of engineering. My grades in Chemistry are close to 60%

What would you suggest? Are my subject choices okay?

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You shouldn't choose classes based on which ones you think you should do well in, but instead on yours interests. Hopefully you will have a better idea of options come a year from today. If in Singapore there are options for summer classes or night classes, then you can choose to take Chemistry there instead of in IB, and choose another class for group 6. 

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