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Tips for secondary research extended essay?

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I'm a pre-ib student and I decided to do my extended essay on biology. I chose to do a secondary research but I couldn't find any samples. I read that it is not really recommended to do a secondary research for group 4, has any one done a secondary research on biology extended essay before? Any tips for me? 

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For Biology or any type of Extended essay, it is best for you to do primary research to show that you have engaged into the experiment because that's the core for Science. Why would I say that?  I found a Biology Assessment Criteria for EE online, do correct me if I am wrong. 

Criteria C: Investigation 

The way in which the investigation is written will depend very much on whether or not the essay is based on experimental work performed by the student. For essays that are based on data taken from written sources, the student should explain clearly how the data has been selected and should comment on its reliability. For experimental work, sufficient information on the methodology should be provided to allow the work to be repeated. Students should demonstrate that they understand the theory behind any techniques or apparatus used. They are also expected to show an awareness of any limitations or uncertainties inherent in their techniques and apparatus

Criterion F: application of analytical and evaluative skills appropriate to the subject

  • The stated conclusion(s) must be based on the data, information and/or evidence presented in the essay.
  • The data must be analysed and presented in such a way that the argument leading to the conclusion is supported and clarified.
  • Tables of raw data will generally not achieve this on their own.
  • Raw data must be analysed, processed and presented in a way that relates clearly and directly to the central argument of the essay.
  • Where appropriate, this analysis should allow for an assessment of the validity of the hypothesis.
  • Errors and uncertainties arising from the methodology, instruments and/or techniques should be analysed and critically evaluated.

(Source: http://www.biologyforlife.com/uploads/2/2/3/9/22392738/biology_ee_scoring.pdf

I am not saying that a secondary research EE  has lower chance of attaining lower than experimental EE does. It is just what I have observed online.  I will highly suggest that you consult with your Biology teacher before you start. 

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