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Data Analysis Questions

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I'm really struggling with data analysis questions in HL Biology at the moment. Does anyone have any tips on how to do them well?

Thanks in advance :)

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Well, it really depends on what you're struggling on - go over your the papers you've done and note what went wrong. Did you forget the units? Did you not read the question properly and wrote the answer to something else when you should have written x thing? Was it your hypothesis that was incorrect - could you have drawn on other knowledge for it? Once you know where you went wrong, it's easier to see where you can improve yourself. In general though...

  • Read the graph properly - title, units, key, axis... all of it is important!
  • Don't forget your units!
  • Make sure you read the question properly - use a highlighter or underline terms if you must!
  • Note how many marks the question is worth it (not just for data based questions, but all of them - it gives you an indication of how much you need to write)
  • Know command terms (or at least the ones which may have an iffy definition) - some are obvious like "list" is literally just list them - don't go overboard - whilst evaluate is tricker. Here's a good powerpoint to help out with that!
  • Use a ruler for graphs - it's going to be more accurate that way!
  • You don't need full sentences for many of them - just write your answer (basically, throw out what you learnt in middle school).
  • BUT always show your working, regardless of how simple it may be
  • Make sure you actually understand what the graph is about and what's happening before you attempt the questions - otherwise you might confuse yourself. Be wary of time, but it's okay to jot down some observations, especially if they end up helping you!

The best thing to do is practice, practice, practice. Find some data analysis questions online and learn from them! Good luck!

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