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Biology EE, experimentation on self?

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After reading some example EEs, I think that for science, experiment based EEs work out better than research based ones. Anyway, so I had the idea that I could try out enhancement supplements over the summer, as the experiment and write down changes that friends notice in me. However, I also recalled that experiments on animals is unethical by the IBO, but I haven't heard anything about self experimentation, especially if I had my doctor's approval. Another bonus is that my friend's(who is also in IB) mom is my doctor. So my teacher would be able to talk to her in relation to my safety. but is it allowed by the IBO? The only reason this popped up as an idea is due to the EE being officially announced and the fact that my friends mom is my doctor and would be able to tell me stuff.

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You should run this through with your teacher. It doesn't seem to me to be a worthwhile experiment even if it is allowed. It's also a risk that IB does not want you to take.

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