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IB Grade Boundaries May 2017

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Hey Guys,

This is just a small discussion for grade boundaries. My coordinator hasn't told anyone about these grade boundaries that I found online. I am just concerned about my scores and the grade boundaries of May 2015 I looked at say otherwise. 

I currently have Physics, Maths SL, Eng Lit A, French Ab, Global Politics, Env Sys (will take next year). 

My current grades as offered in percentages are;

Physics:- 76% (expected to go to 90s)

Maths:- 76% (expected to go to 85+)

Global Politics:- 88% (expected about the same)

French Ab: 76% (expected about the same)

English:- 73% (expected to go 75+)

When I take Env Sys next year. I will probably have something in 80s.


These expected scores are from teachers that gave during PT Interviews. This is because I entered a boarding school for the first time (also changed school) and got off to bad start due to reasons. But in my previous schools I have been in Top 3 for all subjects besides French and English. 


So what these grade boundaries say that I can get 7 at 70s and for some at 80s. Now these reassure me more than they should! So I am thinking according to you veterans here what could be my predicted IB Score for these marks? Thanks

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