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My Subject choice

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Hello everyone,

This is my first post. I am currently doing my IGCSE's (Year 10), in them I take Co-ordinated sciences (double awrd.) History, French (mistakes were made), Drama, Mathematics and both Language and Literature for English and Spanish. I am taking the extended course in all subjects that allow it. My school stopped offering A levels some years ago, and we now do the Dip. Programme. I start next year and these are the subjects I am thinking of choosing:


English Literature HL

Spanish Literature HL

History HL

Anthropology SL

Physics SL

Mathematics SL


I wanted your opinion on these: are they too hard? Is it too much? I would love to apply to Cambridge to do Law in the future; so I did try to choose the more essay based subjects, and steer away from B&M, ICTGS, and Theatre, etc. But my favourite subject is History anyway and after looking at the syllabus and asking around I prefered the literature courses anyway compared to the Language and Literature. Thanks for your help.


P.S: I also do my national high school diploma, it is not impossibly hard, and the syllabi are fairly matched up so you do not actually end up doing two systems, but not all courses have a "pair". So for example spanish is both IB & CCH (national high school) but History of Mexico is only CCH. So I am going to have a slightly higher workload regardless of choices anyway.

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58 minutes ago, Elite X-Naut said:

I think that so long as you are both fluent and well-versed in your language subjects and also don't ignore your SLs, especially Math and Physics, you'll be fine.

Thank you. I am alright in both languages. Thanks again. 

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On 10/6/2016 at 7:42 PM, gunchaib2017 said:

English Lit HL is definetley a great choice, since SL and HL have very little difference. I reckon try your best to tackle these subjects, but I do know that History HL has a lot of content to cover

Okay, great thanks. I really like History so I hope it won't be an issue. (If my school decides to actually open the course that is).

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