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History paper 1

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I don't see why you couldn't use bullet points to structure your answer in the first two questions, as long as you use full sentences. My teacher hasn't said anything about using bullet points so I don't know for sure if it's advisable or not. I think he would have mentioned if it was absolutely not allowed to use bullet points though :D But I know it's not required to use bullet points so if you feel uncertain about using them, don't do it.

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6 hours ago, izzy1998 said:

hi so my teacher wants me to write paper 1 answers for question 1-2 in bullet points but online it says something else so can someone clarify pls :)

Well, I am assuming you are referring to Q1 part a and b. In that case, i don't see why bullet points dont work. Personally, I use paragraphs, because I like to cover my bases. But it's your call.

Q2+ I'd say stick to paragraphs.

Hope this helps.



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