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Changing Schools Mid-IB. Help Needed

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Hi everyone!

I am currently taking the IB diploma in an international school, my subjects are:
English HL
Business and Management HL
Computer Science HL
Maths SL
Psychology SL
Mandarin ab initio

Now the school i am applying to only offers 4 of the 6 subjects (English, Comp Sci, Maths, Psych)
Will I be able to self-study 2 subjects? I have no other choice but to transfer schools. I will have no trouble self-studying as my Mandarin is at an SL level and I can learn Business on my own.

Will the IB allow this?

Thank you!

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From my experience, I think you can. My friend studies Spanish Ab Initio, which isn't offered at my school, but she has this online course thing with an online teacher and the IB has no qualms with it. 

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To add to what IB'ez said, you can take both of your two missing courses on Pamoja. What you have to keep in mind is that each school teaches differently, and there might be topics the new school covered, whilst your old one didn't.


If you're confident about self-teaching yourself these two subjects, and if most of the topics done in both of the schools are roughly the same, then go for it. However, if the differences in the options etc. is too big I'd advise you repeat IB1. 

My friend had to switch schools halfway through IB, and he struggled quite a bit as his new school didn't offer psychology and German (and he also switched halway through IB1, not at the end of year1. The difference and the pressure of the second year is much bigger, I assume). Repeating a year with new subjects and a "fresh" start allowed him to succeed and achieve much better results (he went from 31 points to 38).


In the great scheme of things, one year won't matter much. And it can be really crucial for you future.

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