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How to study for Psychology?

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Because we have studied Psychology from Pamoja online we have never had an actual exam to write. So we don't really know what to expect for the final exam (year 1). What would be an ideal way to study? What should we look at mainly? Knowledge of studies? How to structure sentences?

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Write essay plans. i find it useful to remember studies mainly but also evaluation points as I'm not great at B skills. Also, I wouldn't recommend this but if all else fails then use the structure of the paper to your advantage.

Paper one:

3 SAQs - One BLOA, one CLOA, and one SCLOA.

1 Essay - Choose one from the levels of analysis.


What I'm doing for my revision is focussing on the CLOA for the essay question but learning the other two in less detail.

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I take psychology HL in pamoja too, I think the first thing you need to do is decide which level of analysis you are best at and focus on knowing it like the back of your hand (this is for paper 1) and then study the other two but not in that much depth, just enough to be able to answer the other 2 SAQ's. Now specifically for pamoja what I find most helpful is;

  • Going through the wikis that have all the key words (you can find the wikis in modules) if you understand those then you are pretty much set.
  • it is important that you also know your case studies for paper 1 since it is basically what you will be marked on (if you've been keeping up with your e-portfolio then just check the imperial studies checklist, if not message a classmate and ask if they can send it to you.)
  • They do BBB conferences pretty much every second week and they are all recorded so have a go at watching those (might be easier to just click on the topics that you don't understand)
  • Check the past papers in modules and try to answer those and send them to your teacher (they are usually really fast in replying and they don't mind helping)
  • Check the mark schemes (sometimes the easiest way of understanding what they're asking is looking at some examples) 

I know Psychology can be a bit intimidating and scary but the exam is not as bad as it seems, after all we've been answering SAQ's and ERQ's all year as well as paper 3 questions

Hope this helps and good luck with your exam!

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