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HL English World Lit

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Hi everyone,
I'm new here so please forgive me this post doesn't belong here.
This is similar to heronnumbazero's post concerning World Lit.
I was away when the teacher went through World Lit with the class and I don't want to ask and look like a complete idiot.
Here's my situation.. I am doing Higher Level A1 English and we have to come up with a topic between the 3 world lit book we have studied correct?

Books: Like water for chocolate
Zorba the Greek
Madame Bovary

Since I'm doing Higher Leve I believe I must write 2 papers right?
Someone please give me the complete low down as I am freaking out about this...
Thank you..

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Breathe :yahoo: No need to panic.

Ok, so you DO have to write 2 papers. One must be a comparative essay, WL 1 (e.g. A comparison of the treatment of the deaths of Emma in [i]Madame Bovary[/i] and Santiago Nasar in [i]Chronicle of A Death Foretold[/i], or Blindness and sight in Durrenmatt's [i]The Visit[/i] and Sophocles' [i]Oedipus Rex[/i]). Those are both examples form the IB guide. Basically, anything that links two World Lit books can be compared and contrasted. Food, dance, music, etc.

Assignment 2 is based on any of the World Lit texts that you DIDN'T use for Assignment 1. You can do another comparative study, or a creative/imaginative assignment. This is either based on just one WL text, or one WL text and another book from any part of the syllabus (i.e. not WL). These kind of assignments can include diaries, episodes of a character's previous life, monologues, extra scenes, prequels, etc. A statement of intent is included with this work, where you identify the text that has inspired the project, the task you are undertaking, the aspects of the text on which it will be based, and how you intend to explore this.

Another option for Assignment 2 is a detailed study. You can do:
a) A formal essay (like a commentary, e.g. The role of the gods in [i]Antigone[/i]).
b) Analysis of a key passage (focusing on why it is key to our understanding of the text e.g. A key passage from Marquez's [i]Chronicle of a Death Foretold[/i] could be the brutal and extraordinary description of the 'foretold' killing of Santiago Nasar). It should also relate and talk about the rest of the text in relation.
c) Analysis of 2 key passages (they should form an interesting comparison and contrast within the same text and be pivotal to the text.) You can also compare a key passage from a WL text with a passage from a non-WL test in the syllabus.
d) Commentary on an extract from a WL text (the focus of this is on detailed analysis of the extract, rather than referring to the wider context. This extract is restricted to around 30 lines).

Both are assignments of 1000-15000 words each. Together, they are worth 20% of your final English A1 grade.

I don't know anything about your texts, since I haven't read them.

Good luck.

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