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Question regarding EE, Please help

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I am going to start with my EE in psychology and I have got my research questions. I need to ask 3 question.

1) My EE research question is one of the content (sub-topic) under the syllabus (but I will not refers to it and I will explore the content more further from the syllabus) Can I still do on it ?

2) I have search the articles ad study for my research question on the net and I found that there were somebody who previously done his/her EE research question which is "Exactly" the same as my research question ( how fortuitous ) . Can I still do my EE on it?

3) My research question is quiet simple. Will it affect marking?  Is research question suppose to be something difficult and not simple ? What kind of research question in EE will score higher mark?  How to score higher mark in EE Psychology ?



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Perhaps a more detailed title will attract people with the right expertise. "Question regarding EE, Please help" does not provide any information as to what you are asking, when you are posting under the Extended Essay subforum. I am not trying to make you feel bad, but just offering some tips.

I want to given non-psychology-specific responses. Feel free to disagree and seek additional information from someone taking psychology.
1) It's fine even if you don't go for content beyond the syllabus. If you are able to find data that supports a syllabus content and analyse this in depth than that's potentially a good EE. Going above the content also worth praise.

2) You are not expected to contribute knowledge to a field of psychology never explored before. You can also cite the EE you found, say it gives you inspiration, and do something different than what that EE has done.

2) and 3) Your research question is subjected to change as you gather more information. It should be precise, instead of long or short. Again with no ill intentions, it should be more precise than "Question regarding EE, Please help". In general you want to read the EE guide in detail and understand how marks are allocated.

Hope that helps! Best luck

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I have noticed this question before when you posted it. Because it is on psychology, I do not want to answer a subject that I have never studied before to mislead you. I can say something in general about EEs, which is applicable to everyone, especially people who are doing an extended essay in Group 3.

I do agree with @kw0573, if you really want some help, be more specific, for example putting your EE research question here so the people who had done Psychology / Psychology EE can really help you and give you advices that can be useful. :) 

1. If your EE is under the syllabus, perhaps you want to link it to something that is out of syllabus but not too off-topic. EE should be based on what you have learnt in the subject, so you can extend it to application in real life. You are not expected to learn extra stuff about Psychology, but be aware that you should do something that is not exactly in the book, but rather it is an exploration of how you can apply your knowledge. 

2. How is it exactly same as your question? If the whole concept is the same, I really will suggest you to think of something more special. 

3. A research question should be specific to show what you are really doing in your 4000 words essay. What my supervisor told me: when the marker looks at the topic, if he/she has a broad concept of what you are doing, that's the right track. 

Tips: when doing your extended essay, do not keep the research question rigid, for which you may encounter some changes while writing your essay. Simplistic is a nice thing to keep, but don't be too general. 

I hope this answer is useful to you. 

(My answer is tended towards to Group 3 EE, so it might not be exactly be how a psychology EE should be done.) 

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