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TOK presentation about religion and homosexuality

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Hello everyone!

I'm currently working on my TOK presentation (only the mock one though) and I have decided on a RLS, an article about how christians view homosexuality and why it's wrong according to the bible. I have a hard time coming up with a claim and counterclaim but my KQ is How does religious knowledge systems affect our ethical views? Do you guys have any ideas on what my claim and counterclaim could be? I was thinking of something like "The higher power that a person believes in affects the persons ethical view and will tell her what is right or wrong in every situation" as my claim, but I''m not sure.

The presentation is in 13 days... So I'd appreciate all the help I can get!

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First of all, broaden your question a bit. Maybe say "To what extent do religious knowledge systems alter or enhance our ethical and moral judgments?" Then, take a standpoint that separates you from any religious bias that you may have. Explore your question through a veil of ignorance, and then let your claim and counterclaim arise from your exploration. This will make for a truly knowledge based presentation.

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