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Hi there!

I'm taking IB DP next year and looking for book materials to study.

would you recommend me some? thank u :)









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For Biology & Chemistry, the Pearson Longman textbooks are better than the Oxford ones from my experience, and so imo are your best bets for this new syllabus. They explain all relevant concepts to the new syllabus objectives extremely clearly without the tedious and useless wordiness that is signature of most Oxford textbooks -- and you're especially going to want to avoid irrelevant stuff in studying for Group 4 subjects. They also provide exam-style questions at the end of each chapter, which helps facilitate and secure understanding of the topics. 

I don't take Business but most of my friends either use the Oxford one or don't use any textbooks at all.

As for Maths SL, Haese Mathematics is the one I'm using and although it's terrible prep for the kind of Maths questions in the exams, it explains the concepts somewhat decently.


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