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How do you get a 9-10/10 in Criterion A for FOA?

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So I am doing my FOA for part 2 (SL) in some time, and well, I am unsure as to how to achieve near full marks in criterion A. It just looks like gibberish to me.

So, what do I have to do to achieve 9-10/10 in this criterion? Our teacher hasn't really gone through it that well


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Since this is Internal Assessment, you should ask your teacher what they specifically want; here you need to impress your teacher, not the IB. Just go to her, privately, and ask.

Criterion A states: The student shows an excellent knowledge of the text(s) or topics. The student understands how the meaning of the text(s) relates to the subject matter. So general tips would be to understand the meaning of the text, how it could be interpreted from different perspectives, the context of creation and the context of reading, the significance of the text to your topic (e.g. feminism, race, profanity--the IB topics).

Good luck!

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Guest iblearner

Since it is internally assessed, it's all about the impression your teacher has of you. Some teachers can be biased by awarding more marks to students they personally like, regardless of the quality of the FOA. 

You should work hard on your FOA, read guidelines online and ask your teacher for tips, but in my opinion, get to know the teacher more and let him/her know that you're a good student, and you're worthy of getting really good marks. :)

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