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Meiosis Question

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The textbook that I took my notes off of (Oxford) never makes reference to paternal/maternal chromosomes in meiosis, yet every other resource that I have found makes reference to these. Do we need to make reference to maternal/paternal chromosomes in response to an IB question? I don't think they are in the syllabus so.... yeah


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Ii don't think it is in the syllabus.

It is not compulsory to reference maternal and paternal chromosomes in meiosis because as we know, meiosis involves genetic reshuffling, so it will be a mess when we really have to reference on the composition of the haploid at last to the maternal and paternal chromosomes. Therefore, if you want to put it into your exams, do it because it will show your understanding of meiosis. However, if you do not understand it fully, do not put it for which you may make mistakes and it gives markers a chance to deduct your mark (if they are harsh). 

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