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Economics exam tips

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So the economics paper 1 is tomorrow and 2 day after. I was wondering how many points you need to include in part a (10 marks) and b (15 marks) of paper 1 and the 8 marker question in paper two to maximise the score. Any idea?

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There is no how many points you have to include, it all depends on the question itself

In Part A, how the 10 marks are distributed: 

  1. Definitions (short one) 
  2. (Two) body paragraphs to analyse key economic concepts using theories, diagrams and examples (optional)
  3. Conclusion ( a pretty short one is enough) 

Part B 15 marks are distributed in this way: 

  1. Definitions (if it is stated in Part A, do not repeat it again due to time efficiency)
  2. Economic concepts by using diagrams, theories and examples (optional) 
  3. Evaluation (advantages and disadvantages/ different stakeholders (3-4 max)/ short term vs long term / useful vs limitations / different policies or theories) 
  4. Conclusion 

Good luck with your exam <3  get a good night sleep and don't get too stressed, keeping yourself energetic and stress-free is the best condition to IB Exam. 

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