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Lang B. Mistake (Written Assignment)

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Hey guys,

So for my Lang. B Written Assignment I made kind of a minor writing error in French, i.e. forgot an indefinite article (folle, not une folle), so curious as to how badly this would affect me and whether it's possible to go back and change it or something if IB hasn't marked it yet. I realize Written Assignments are done with the help of dictionaries and such so how badly would this hurt my mark in the Language portion of the rubric?


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You would have to ask your teachers if they've sent it off to IB yet- at this point, chances are that they have.

However, I wouldn't expect IB to be that picky over one minor writing mistake. If they do choose to deduct points, they will likely only take away one point.

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Don't you have to upload your WA to IBO yourself? And no!!! You won't get marked down a point for one tiny grammar mistake! Even native speakers don't write perfectly. Don't worry. 

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