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HI y'all I would appreciate some pointers on the Theory of Knowledge presentation.

I don't really understand how you can formulate a second order knowledge question from a real-life situation or even what a second order knowledge question is.

I believe a knowledge question is just a question about knowledge so would a second order knowledge question be a question about a question about knowledge? Very confused.

Any help would be much appreciated and accepted.

Thanks, Crash «MemeReviewer» Bandicoot

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A knowledge question is open-ended, about knowledge and are general. example: To what extent does one's exposure to diversity impact their perception of people of color? The KQ's derived from your Real Life Situation should essentially be used to address a new point related to your situation. Example: Say the RLS is the 2015 terrorist attack in Paris, and you have a KQ addressing faith as your Way of Knowing, then you could add another way of knowing by creating another question based on the RLS ex: to what extent does childhood memories create bias that influence one's understanding of a devastating attack?

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