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Please help me refine my RQ

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I really would like my research question evaluated please. My research question was: 

In what ways were the Japanese and German concentration camps similar?



Consider rephrasing your title. The “to what extent were they similar?” is a little basic. I am sure that with a bit of creativity, you can find a better one!


The underlined text was my teacher's comments. I really need help recreating this to RQ to a more suitable one. I am going to attempt to create a comparative piece on both concentration camp systems. I want to look at how both systems committed war crimes and their political justificaitons of both. I want to look at how the political systems in their respective countries justified them. Lastly, I want to look at the differences. 



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Why don't you go with what you wrote yourself for now (to what extent were J and G concentration camp systems similar in terms of war crimes committed and their political justifications) and when you are beginning to submit it, adjust the question according to what you ended up writing about?

Good luck!

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