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Hi guys, I am currently an offer holder at several schools and they have a minimum requirement that I get a minimum of 6 in ASL English Language and Literature.

Anyways, here's my situation. Last year, during my mock exams, I was able to score 6/7 for my IOC. However, I ended up having a new teacher this year. In which case, during my final IOC, I ended up getting a 3/7 or a raw score of 11... To be honest I was a bit dumbfounded by the grade cause I genuinely can't see how I can drop from a 6/7 during my mocks with one teacher to a 3/7 with another. I acknowledge that my performance may not have been as well, but I genuinely can't see how the difference can be three grade levels.

Anyhow, I was wondering is there a way to have my IOC regraded.

Thank you. 

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