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Tips to maximize points on Chemistry SL P2??

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So, as we all know, paper 2 is worth 40% of Chem SL. 

Leading up to my paper 2 mock, I was pretty confident. I had 6+ on my IA, P1 mock and P3 mock. Then came P2 and I got a 3. :headchop:

At this point, I would be happy with getting around 25-30/50 on P2.. Any tips on how to maximize my points on P2. I still have time to study and relearn some concepts, since the exam is next Thursday. 

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This is the first exam of the new syllabus so it's difficult to offer specific advice. 

One change is that there is no choice of questions in section B as there were previously. This allowed students to choose the questions that they were strongest in. From now on you have to answer all questions on paper 2 so you really need to know all parts of the syllabus. 

Be prepared to apply what you know in context. Make sure you look at the utilization parts of the syllabus as that is how you will be expected to apply your knowledge. 




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