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Subject choices for agriculture/agribusiness

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Hello everyone,

I am starting IB in September, and I'm now in the process of choosing the subjects. I'm pretty sure I want to study something related to agriculture (or rather agribusiness) later, so here are the subjects I'm considering taking.

  1. English literature HL (I initially planned to do SL, but apparently my school offers only Literature&Performance at SL, and I'm not into acting/theater stuff at all)
  2. Italian ab initio SL
  3. Economics HL (firstly, I'm more interested in the business aspect of agriculture, so it might be useful; secondly, I heard that IB economics is quite easy to get a 7 in)
  4. Biology HL 
  5. Maths SL 
  6. Chemistry SL

I feel that this is quite manageable and fits my interests (and plans for the future) but I would still like to hear your opinions. Also, I really enjoy doing maths and I'm good at it, so I was thinking of maybe taking 4 HL courses (the ones I listed + Maths HL). Do you think it would be worth it?

Thanks in advance :))

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