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Physics HL Internal Assessment Help?

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Hello everyone.

Next week I will be starting to collect data for my Physics HL IA, however, my teacher said that my current question "How does the height from which a ball is dropped affect the time it takes for it to bounce 5 times?" is too simple. She said it'd be better if I found a way to make it a tiny bit more complex so that I'd have more stuff to write about. I have thought about it for a long time but could not come with any other ideas, does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve my research question?


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You can change the question to make it sound more scientific, and instead of time, you can measure the change in height

"Effect of changing initial height on the damping motion of a falling ball"

You can observe the motion using a motion sensor and get it on your laptop/computer using the logger lite software.

Good luck! :)

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So I basically did a very similar experiment but I'm in SL and I don't know if what I chose to focus on was a bit too basic. I initially chose something more complex with solar energy and it was a disaster despite all my efforts (and my teacher's). He told me the best thing to do was go for something simple as long as I really explore the investigation and make it look good. I got a 7 even though I'm rubbish at Physics. I can send you my IA to get an idea of what to do.

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