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What would be the best subject combination of getting a perfect 45 points in the IB

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I am currently in M5 and I need to choose my subjects soon. My goal is to get as many points as possible (I want to study International Relations) so what would you say is the easiest subject combination? I am fluent in Spanish and English and I would say my main ability is memorising. My favourite subject is Biology and I think its my strongest. I have got all 7/7 in all my subjects so I really don't know what I need to choose to get a 45 (approximately) in my IB. I want to get into an Ivy League university.


I have thought of doing:

English A Literature HL or English A Language and Literature SL

Spanish A SL 

History HL: I think this will help me with my SAT subject test on History and there's loads to memorise right? It will also help me for International Relations

Biology HL:  I think this will help me with my SAT subject test on Biology and there's also loads to memorise? 

Maths SL

Economics HL: I think this will help me with international relations.


I don't really know if this is too hard or not to achieve a 45? could you please give me advice on my choices?

Thank you so much for your help!! :nicole:

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First of all, aiming for a perfect 45 is not the best of ideas, as only a handful of people get them every year. Getting one also won't significantly change/improve/affect your life, so it's better you focus on ECs and leadership positions, which are very important to US universities, rather than getting that elusive 45.  

Second of all, from what I understand, Ivies want you to challenge yourself (and succeed), rather than choose subjects based on "what's the easiest to get a 7 in". 

Third of all, IB isn't about memorising. You could memorise all the books and still fail, because what you need is the ability to apply and critically analyse the information you have. 

The easiest subject to get a 7 in is probably a language B you're fluent in. 

History HL is one of the most difficult subjects to get a 7 in, but one of the most interesting (at least I enjoyed it a lot), although you do have to memorise a lot, it's how you analyse it that matters. 

Economics apparently isn't too hard, I don't know personally because I have not taken it. 

Biology HL is indeed a lot of memorisation, from what I understand. 

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