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HIV (Strictly Research-Based) Biology Extended Essay

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Hi IBSurvival Forum! 

As I am approaching my analysis portion of my research-based extended essay, I would be delighted to get some feeback on analysis I have planned and subsequent conclusion. Before I go into the main point of this post, my stubborn foolishness led me to stick to a Bio EE, and I would just like to say it is immensely difficult to write a biology extended essay that meets the IB requirement to a high standard. 

My supervisor happened to be the EE coordinator as well as my biology teacher and the essays she had supervised previously were all research-based essays. Out of the 13 she supervised, 5 got As and 4 got Bs. Hence, in her experiences, if a student had an above average aptitude in the biological sciences and were genuinely interested in the topic they were writing about, a research-based essay can succeed contrary to the popular belief. 

So my current topic is on the gene regulation in HIV proviral latencies, in specifics the epigenetic control of HIV genes. I am planning to compare two different epigenetic mechanisms (histone modification and DNA methylation) that have been hypothesized and shown to happen by different virologists and researchers, and, evaluate the effectiveness of each in gene silencing and activation using content from the Biology curriculum + additional knowledge. Finally, I would relate this back to HIV and whether one is indeed more effective than the other in the context of HIV latencies.

Could I get any general feedback on this idea? 

Thank you in advance for any replies. ^.^ 

P.S. If you feel this is too brief, I would gladly PM or email the rest of what I have planned out.

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Hi there!

I think it is a good topic.

You already seem to know that it is said that a research-based science essay tends to get lower grades - I want to clarify though, this is not just an unjustified popular belief, it is expicitely mentioned in the IB EE Guide that Biology is an experimental science and hence it is strongly recommended to do an experiment. 

However, you can definitely get an A doing a science EE just based on research. You only have to make sure you analyze, make links and get your own conclusions, they hate ´copy and paste´kind of paragraphs or people just reading and typing information (even if it's been collected from different sources and synthesized). You can research about the different methods for controlling the HIV genes but then YOU have to be the one deciding which one is best and give reasons for it and be able to really really analyze everything you are saying. 

Good luck!

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