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Applying for deferred entry (2017) and retaking Nov exams

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So I'm very pessimistic about how well I'll do in the exams even though they just started for me. I already know that I'll fail a few. It's not an excuse but due to our IB school's mismanagement, students like me who were taking Art HL had deadlines which were about less than a week ago, so I didn't have much time to cram in Physics and History and those are heavily packed subjects. I want to already consider retaking a few of my exams in November so that I can get the grades I need for my first choice uni. Since I applied for a deferred entry, can they still hold my place whilst I retake? Or do I need to apply again after I retake? 

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I do not think you have to apply again because you have applied for a deferred entry. If you want to be sure,  phone the University and ask for general inquiries or going to their websites for FAQ. 

Don't worry too much because if you feel down for IB and do not believe that you can do it, who else will believe you can score high if you don't trust yourself? 

Try some pressure relieve exercises or actions to help you to release the pressure from IB. I know it's a bit late to do exercises for history and physics, but relax and go for the exam. 

Good luck and may IB gods bless you with a great path 😊 You can talk to me anytime if you want, advices or anything. 

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