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How to find the interquartile range?

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First of all, that function has to have a given domain and has to be continuous within that domain. Also, the integration of that function from the lower limit of the domain to the higher limit has to be equal to 1. Those are the conditions, now that you're given such a function, you need to find Q3 and Q1. To find Q1, you write the integration of the function from the lower limit of the domain to m, and set that integration equal to 0.25. Q1 = m. To find Q3, you do the same thing, only the integration is equal to 0.75 this time. Q3 should be bigger than Q1, and they should both be in the range of your domain (otherwise something has gone wrong). To calculate IQR, simply subtract Q1 from Q3. 

Hope this helps :)


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