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SL/HL History Paper 2/3 (New Syllabus; 2017 Exams)

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Hey guys, so obviously the paper 1 for the IB history has changed. That much I have down, on tests using that format I'm getting 7/7 almost every time now, but now that I've mastered to some degree the paper 1 I have realized I'm terrible at Paper 3. I was hoping you could share your secrets to paper 3 success, I'll share anything I've found helps, but I really have no idea how to get over a 4/7 on the paper 3 right now.

  • Create a very brief outline (5-8 Minutes)
    • Briefly;
      • Breakdown Question
      • Construct thesis
      • Topics for paragraphs
      • Supporting points
      • Supporting evidence
  • Include Broad, and Specific Examples (Paper 3 Specifically..)
    • (This still confuses me a little and costs me most of my points due to few Specific Examples, but I struggle to correct it.)
  • Use a Basic formula to form you points
    • Point, Example, and Analysis
    • PEAL
      • Point 
      • Example
      • Analysis
      • Link
    • Etc..
  • Represent different perspectives
    • Historiography
    • OPCVL
      • Origin
      • Purpose
      • Content
      • Values & Limitations

These are my tips, I hope they help you guys. If you have anything you want to add so I can figure out what I'm doing wrong that would be awesome! 

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