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Well, It really depends on what your teacher selects, but to the best of my knowledge this is what you'll need to know:

So with the new syllabus you can go in a variety of different directions, so unless you are self studies, I would ask your teacher which topics they chose. For the purposes of helping you, I'll show you all the route you can go. This Does Not mean you have to study all of these topics/prescribed subjects.

  • Paper 1
    • The subjects you get could be studying any 3 of these prescribed subjects consisting of 2 case studies each.

Prescribed subject


Case studies


Military leaders

  • Ghengis Khan (1200-1227)

  • Richard I of England (1173-1199)

Conquest and its impact

  • Final stages of Muslim rule in Spain

  • Conquest of Mexico and Peru (1519-1551)

The move to global war

  • Japanese expansionism in East Asia (1933-1940)

  • German and Italian expansionism (1933-1940)

Rights and protest

  • The Civil Rights movement in the United States (1954-1965)

  • Apartheid South Africa (1948-1964)

Conflict and intervention

  • Rwanda (1990-1998)

  • Kosovo (1989-2002)
  • Paper 2
    • The paper 2 is far more broad and will have 12 world subjects to choose from. You, or your teacher will select 2 of these these.
      • All questions will be really broad on the exam so that any chosen topic will be valid to answer.
        • For Paper 2 I'm doing Single Party States (I forget what I'm doing for the other one)
  • IA
    • The IA is pretty much on any topic in history to the best of my knowledge, but it is advised to talk with your teacher before you start an IA as 90% of the time you won't do it right without the guidance of the teacher.
  • Study Tips
    • Specific dates aren't super important for you as Paper 2 doesn't emphasise as strongly on specific examples.
      • But if you take HL, specific examples are essential to a good grade on paper 3.
    • Practice OPCVL for sources; Which is part of the paper 1, and is used on your IA.
      • Origin
      • Purpose
      • Content
      • Values & Limitations
    • Learn from your mistakes
      • I cannot stress this enough be mindful of time when writing your tests, hardly anyone will finish a paper 1, 2, or 3 their first time, but it is key to manage your time wisely.
      • Always read the feedback from your teacher, and ask them how you can improve.

Lastly here's a link about the new IB history syllabus if you're confused.

I hope I was able to help. I'm part of the first wave of people taking this new syllabus so seeing as your exams are in 2018 there will likely be a lot more knowledge for you to pool from as well as more example IAs.

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