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Step 1 for Extended Essay (Music)

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Just to give some background information about me: I just started IB Year 1 one and a half months ago and we need our EE topic selection (+ research question) by December. I am choosing to do a Music EE because I have a lot of experience in Music (Grade 5 Harmony for RCM if there's anyone from Ontario) and I think it would be really neat. Now I already talked to my Music teacher at school who will be my EE Mentor, and he first suggested me to go to a local library, and basically start listening through different scores of music to find which ones I would like the most to analyze. I am Polish, so I think it would be cool to do my EE based on Chopin, and some of his works.

My real question is, what exactly should I be looking for at this stage of the process? Do I focus on certain types of music rather than most or...?

Thanks. : )

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I wouldn't choose Chopin because it has been done ad nauseom. There's too much on him out.

I wanted to do music too and i do RCM exams too, but I changed my mind. You can look up modern Polish composers who live in Canada. You would have two advantages:
1) An interview where you can get a neat idea what the composer intended during composition.
2) The topic is unique and the possibility of mistakes is VERY low. There's a lot that you can say about Chopin, but the examiner might find it redundant. Besides, it's easier to catch 'mistakes'.

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