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Offering and asking for help with data processing

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I suppose some teachers aren't as familiar with data processing and analysis and most students need some help. That is why I am offering my help, even though, of course, I don't know everything (especially physics data processing, I have Bio and Chem) so others who are savvy with this, please join!

If you guys have questions about processing your results in Excel or LoggerPro, I will be happy to offer my help and I think this post can also be a place where those who struggle can ask and those who know can help.

My IA was post praised for the "professional" way I analysed my data in Chemistry and Biology. I included st dev, x and y error bars on graphs, used the right kind of charts for my data (using connected dots when it's against time, bar graphs if I have groups of data etc), statistical tests (t test, f test), absolute error and uncertainty. Even paying attention to significant figures and showing examples and steps to all of my calculations, even the simplest ones.

Please do not hesitate and I also have another program for processing data, so if something doesn't work in the other two, I might give it a go in this one and send you the screenshot with results and an explanation of the method, so you will have an understanding of what has been done...

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Hi AnjaDe! 

I have a problem with calculating uncertainty. 

My experiment was to measure the rate of reaction of catalase (% change in O2 against time) and I am struggling to find the uncertainty in time. I've used a Vernier Oxygen Sensor and a Lab Quest, however, I'm not sure how to find the time uncertainty, and I just know that I have to find out the time uncertainty of the device. 

I've looked up the user manual for the O2 sensor, and found that the Response Time is 90% of final reading in ~12 seconds. Do I find the uncertainty from this value? 

Do you know a way to do this or how to find it? 

Thank you so much in advance! 

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