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EE REFINEMENT HELP! Media representation/ Black Lives matter// Lang and Lit

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So we've been working towards our first proposal for EE. This is my idea but it needs refinement and since its an Lang and Lit EE (New english) and books as literary sources are not mandatory for this group, the research topic is very vague. I was looking to see if anyone could advise me to keep this topic or pursue one that involves a book as the main source. If this topic seems suitable enough, I'd appreciate some help or guidance in refining it since I am very passionate about this topics


This is what i have so far:

Group 1: Language and Literature// Group 1- Category 3


Research Topic (general):

  • Representation of african american in media (news outlets) leading them to being portrayed as a lower class  (larger system in relation to racial and ethnic identities)  

  • Compare (power and privilege)/ superiority associated with one race distinguishing them and changing their representation in media

  • Power of language  


Aims of the Research:

  • Study how American media portrays certain races and ethnicities (African American) as lower class individuals

  • Break down the power language holds in social media and news outlets and how words change the representation of a whole race


Research Question:

  • How does the social media and news coverage during the Ferguson events of 2013-2014 create a racial identity for African Americans and show the power and privilege that is possessed by White americans?



  • Comparison of newspaper articles (when a black person is a victim/aggressor VERSUS when a white person is a victim/aggressor) (ex: Michael Brown vs Darren Wilson)

  • Power through social media (Twitter and creation of #Blacklivesmatter and the falsity of #Alllivesmatter and reverse racism) (message behind language and power)


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It sounds like you have it really figured out and planned very well.  Maybe to make it stronger, you can use other sources for each one. By that i mean, when a black person is convicted for a crime, use news paper articles, and perhaps an interview. Then when a white person gets convicted, use news paper articles and an interview as well. Or you can also use multiple articles, radio, interviews, books, etc. The more sources you use, the stronger your argument will be. Also be aware that you are not using biased sources such as fox news (one of the american strongly republican news channels). I suggest you stay with this topic, it can make a very interesting essay and can be very strong.



on a side note, I am also working on my english EE, and I need some help refining my title. Would you mind taking a minute to go to my page and comment on my post? It would be so much help.


I hope I gave some good advice. 

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