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Any good ideas for Lang and lit written task 1 on part 1 and 2

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Hello guys, 

I have a written task coming up on part 1 and part 2 and i have no idea what to do. It has to be based on a few videos that we have watched and texts we've read (george orwell shooting an elephant or i want a wife by judy stiffer) 

This is due in a week and as usual i have no real idea what i'm doing. Any ideas from IB students of the past. I wanna try to make it interesting. 

Thanks in advanced to anyone who can help me!!!!

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For written task one (part 2 language course I think) you need to answer ONE of the following 6 prescribed questions;

  • How could the text be read and interpreted differently by two different readers?

You could look at how a work that has been banned in some parts of the world, such as Huckleberry Finn in the South of the United States, has been read differently by readers there than reader elsewhere in the world during different periods.

  • If the text had been written in a different time or place or language or for a different audience, how and why might it differ?

You could look at how one particular news story might be run differently in a different magazine or newspaper in a different part of the world.

  • How and why is a social group represented in a particular way?

You could look at how the media portrayed a movement, such as the 'Occupy' movement, in a certain light. Explore one article or text.

You could look at the portrayal of Afrikaners in a short story by Nadine Gordimer.

  • Which social groups are marginalized, excluded or silenced within the text?

You could look critically at women in advertising, where the majority of women are not represented. 

Another interpretation of the word 'within' suggests we look at how one character silences another character in a text. For example: 'How are secularists silenced by the Islamic Revolutionists inPersepolis?'

  • How does the text conform to, or deviate from, the conventions of a particular genre, and for what purpose?

You could look at how some advertisements, like the Volkswagon ads from the 1960s, were revolutionary for breaking all conventions of advertising. Benetton's ads are also famous for breaking all the rules. 

You could look at a novel that has an unconventional narrative structure, such as As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner or The Collector by John Fowles. A work like The Handmaid's Tale breaks some rules of science fiction but adheres to others.

  • How has the text borrowed from other texts, and with what effects?

You could look at a 'mash-ups', a texts that borrows from other text, such as the Vote Different ad for Obama. You can find a sample of this written task by clicking here

You could take a literary text which builds on another text. For example My Fair Lady'is a musical version of Pygmalion. One student in this sample wrote about how the Hollywood film Pretty Woman closely follows the same story line. 


This was taken from Thinkib.net website, it has all the details required on what u need to cover in written task one and two. When it comes to written task one part one, it is a creative piece. Therefore, you need to come up with something like write up a news article commenting on something or write a journal, it is up to you really. Ask your teacher for advice, if they see you struggle they could give you extra time!

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