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It depends on whether it gets lost from the cover sheet - or at least that's what I heard from our exam-coordinator. Is it in one of the exams where we have multiple question to answer, or like the English Lit, where you just have one? It might confuse the examiner for a while, but as long as what you have written clearly links to the question you are answering, then I think it'll be fine. The examiners are tough, not heartless.

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I haven't heard anything about that - just that it won't be easy to find again if it gets lost during the scanning. That's what the cover sheet is for, according to what I heard, ensuring that everything adds up, because you needed to write the number of booklets you sent in. So if one of them gets lost, they can find it again. But I don't think the scanner will leave anything out due to a lack of numbering in a booklet. Our exam coordinator had us write the number on all the booklets as ensurance, but mostly so that the examinator could remind him/herself what question we were answering. Not an expert, however - just from what I understood.

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