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I think it might be a bit too technical in the way that some of the analysis is already done for you.
Try looking on The Guardian - They usually have good articles for IAs

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I have done my commentaries for both Microeconomics and International and I have also used that source. Honestly, I think that is a good article, you just have to first organize it in topics in a coherent way. The article is not organized in the same way as the economic theory you must relate it with. So, as long as you are able to interpret and take away the info in the article in an organized and consistent way on what you wanna prove, you ll have a good grade.

Virtually, it is like reorganizing the article in such a way that your commentary follows the economic theories you read on your economics book. I have seen you are a highly notorious student, so I assume you are looking for the max grade. Don't worry that article seems good and easy to relate the economic theory with.



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Articles with discussion , topic links and evaluation threads for the year 2016 are listed below:

For macroeconomics:


For other sections :



Hope this helps





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