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I have my IOC in 6 weeks and i was wondering if anyone has tips on how to structure it. I'm HL so i have the commentary and discussion. Also any other tips on it?


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I just finished my final IOC yesterday... I think I did quite well this time! 

I feel like it is basically the "oral paper 1", but the difference is that you can actually prepare for it in many ways. 

It just takes time... It's nice you still have 6 weeks!!! 

  1. Knowing the commentary structure is quite important. The awkward silence is the least thing you want during IOC because 10 minutes is actually quite short to analyze the 30-40 lines passage. (and it is how I screwed up my mock IOC) 
  2. Make sure you talk about the background information of the text. Theme, purpose, context, author... 
  3. Make sure you know about the characters to talk about, as well as the stylistic feature that the author uses for each character. 
  4. Depending on the text type, talk about some special thing about it. For instance, we have stage direction for the play, tells more about the characters, background settings, etc. 

It sounds so basic but it is what you need for crit. A&B. Don't forget that the stylistic techniques should be the main focus for your commentary.  

It is good to use the fancy literature vocabularies for Crit. B, but make sure you don't say the wrong thing... 

Most important tip I would say: It is probably better off to ignore the guiding questions. They are meant to be helpful but actually confusing. The syllabus says we don't have to care about guiding question, either. 


What I did to prepare: 

  1. Writing the commentary for various random passage helped me a lot. Try to read it out just like the presentation scripts, so that you get the idea of how much you can speak in 10 minutes.
  2. When I finished revising the contents of my written commentary to perfect 10 minutes, I realized I'm so familiar with the structure. TRUST ME! 
  3. If you are good at memorizing the text, just write the commentary for every single possible passage and memorize it... It is the easiest way to approach 30/30... 
  4. For poems........ just write, get teacher's feedback if possible, revise, and try to memorize. Yes. Just do it. 

Hey IOC and FOA together makes up 30% of the whole Lang&Lit grade! 


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